Presently working group... 

Mr. Manish Kumar Patel

Mr. Manish Kumar Patel is post-graduate from Annamalai University (Tamilnadu) in Biotechnology. Presently he is engaged in Metabolite profiling of Isabgul and some selected halophytes. Additionally, he is also working on the functional validation of salt responsive genes through transgenic approaches.

Ms. Sonika Pandey

Ms. Sonika Pandey is postgraduate in Biotechnology and working on Cumin. Her goal to study biochemical and metabolite profiling of Cumin under salt stress conditions and developing salt tolerance transgenic cumin plant using anti-porter SbNHX-1 gene cloned from an extreme halophyte Salicornia brachiata 

Ms. Pushpika Udawat

Ms. Pushpika Udawat is postgraduate in Biotechnology and working on  isolation & characterization of salt responsive genes cloned from an extreme halophyte Salicornia brachiata. She has isolated two novel salt responsive genes (SbSR-1 and SbSR-2) and a SbUSP gene encoding universal stress protein. 

Mr. Raghwendra Kumar

Mr. Raghwendra Kumar is postgraduate in Biotechnology and working on Microbial Diversity. He is studying microbial diversity of sea water along the Gujarat coast using metagenomics approaches.

Ms. Sonam Yadav is working on isolation and characterization of PPDK a C4 pathway gene from a halophyte Suaeda and its functional validation in Jatropha and tobacco plant.

Ms. Ankita Alexander is working on microbe-plant interaction. She is studying differential expression of host gene (Peanut plant) while interacting with PGPRs.

Ms. Bhakti Tanna is studying on Bioprospection of Indian seaweeds using metabolomics approach. 


Dr. Natwar Singh: Worked on isolation and characterization of SbpAPX gene and functional validation in tobacco and Peanut

Dr. Mukul Joshi: Worked on enhanced salt tolerance Jatropha using SbNHX-1 gene.

Dr. Jitendra Keshri: Worked on molecular bacterial diversity of halo-saline soil along Gujarat coast.

Dr. Basit Yousuf: Worked on abundance and community structure of autotrophic bacteria using gene(s) targeted metagenomics.

Dr. Vivekanad Tiwari: Enhanced salt tolerance of peanut using SbASR-1 gene and promoters of salt responsive gene(s).

Dr. Amit K. Chaturvedi: Enhanced salt tolerance of peanut using SbNHX-1 gene and characterization of SbMT-2 gene.